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Made You Look
I miss immaturity...
I nearly forgot about LJ. Wow. How could I? I don't even remember the last time I updated.

Life. My life. Class. What about class? Well, I'm not doing so well in precal, for one thing. I've never been that great in math, to be honest. I'm very slow. Give me a minute to think about a concept, a minute to figure out how to solve a problem, and I can do it. I just happen to need the whole minute. I'm making a B, which isn't bad, but it isn't good either.

English focuses on poetry this year, which I thought would ruin my grade. After all, every poem we read at Sewanee went straight over my head. As it turns out, though, poetry just takes a little more concentration. I'm not bad at it, apparently, at least compared to the other kids in my class. (This really isn't saying much; one kid very seriously theorized that Eve ate the fruit because she was hungry.) But I've noticed some things J Newman didn't, so he's very impressed. I'm starting to prefer poetry analytically.

My declamation is coming up on the 20th. Declamations are the most sadistic of Webb's famous traditions, in which every student must stand on stage in front of the entire school and recite a four-minute piece of literature. It accounts for 20 percent of your English grade, and you can't graduate unless you do one. They're very liberal with the content (one today was a blatant LSD reference), and that helps to aleviate the pressure a little. I chose something from "Hypocrite in a Pouffy White Dress" by Susan Gilman. It earned smiling approval from all three necessary teachers. The only problem is that it requires me to do a Brooklyn accent, which I've neither heard in real life nor could possibly hope to reproduce.

French exchange students from Strasbourg arrive tonight. We were going to host one, but MD isn't feeling well, and our house is a train wreck. You should see it. I should post pictures. Phoo.

Well, that's about all I can think of at the moment.

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It went like this:

Suz: "You don't really think of Brittany without Mick anymore."
HK: "Yeah, it's always 'here they come' or 'they're late for class'."
Shannon: "But they aren't really clingy."
Suz: "It wasn't like that last year. Something's different."
HK: [to Suz] "It's sort of like how you and Samantha were in middle school. Not like this--" [clings to Mary, who is beside her] "--but sort of like this." [HK and Mary bump shoulders in sync]
Me: "What, magnetic?"
Mary: "Why not?"
HK: [shoulders still attached] "Can you imagine being joined at the shoulder?"
Suz: "Weird."
HK: "I'd drag Mary all over."
Me: "She'd go all red on stage." [HK always stars in the play]
Shannon: "But Hannah Kay would die during soccer games." [Mary is a captain of the soccer team]
Suz: "You'd never have any privacy. Like the shower. And like online dating, 'siamese seeking siamese'."
Me: "What if one pair liked each other and the other hated each other?"
HK: "That would suck. A lot. After, like, marriage and all..."
Suz: "Jeez, think about, like, being intimate if you're a siamese twin."
Shannon: [through a mouthful of bagel]"A constant orgy."
Suz: "Or at least a threesome."

That's a fair excerpt, I think.

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I miss my middle school. I found a friend's old LJ that hasn't been updated since last year. She was practically my twin, except more interesting.

My school was itty-bitty. There were 10 people in my eighth grade class. Everyone was pretty close, but I lost contact with them pretty fast after I switched schools.

Now I go to Webb. Lame Webb. Stupid Webb. Nothing-but-preppies-and-rich-airheads Webb. I can't stand it much longer. I feel like I'm suffocating, slowly being pulled under into a sea of everything I'm not and don't want to be.

This is why I don't update that much.
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Not only do they have a bloody awesome song for "Snakes on a Plane", but their little spoof of "Hollaback Girl" is amazing, if, er, raunchy.


::runs off giggling::

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Call me very dumb and slow, but I am having ridiculous trouble with school this year. It started two weeks ago, and I quite literally collapsed from tiredness yesterday during apush. Mr. Jones was amazingly sympathetic, though, especially considering that I was also late to class. I never really woke up yesterday, but I got the idea that it would be good if I continued things as normal, despite my fatigue and being sick (I have a pretty bad stress cold). So, I stayed at school until four in the Chem Lab, with perky genius Hannah Kay and Mr. Rice, trying desperately to understand vapor pressure of liquids (wtf?!) and discussing how weird it is for a former student of Mr. Rice's to now be his boss. I managed, at least, to stay awake on my way home, and then I went to the YMCA, and did the eliptical machine for half an hour. I picked up some chinese takeout, and watched three straight hours of "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" (I don't watch that much TV normally, but I was tired and felt like having my mind numbed). I collapsed into bed around ten without brushing my teeth. I meant to rest a minute or two on my bed, and then get up and get ready, but I didn't wake up until eleven this morning.


The bright side: I'm losing weight again, though. Stress works, plus I don't have much time to eat. Also, I'm a section editor of the yearbook this year. Big job, especially considering I'm probably the only section editor who can really commit to it fully. (One is busy otherwise, and the other will probably drop out as soon as she can.)

But I'm making tempura tonight! Homemade tempura makes everything better. Tempura and spoon sandwiches.

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I feel rather awful. I told the new faculty person on yearbook that I have experience in photography and graphic design, which is true, but I don't feel like I really have useful experience in graphic design. I'm moderately familiar with basic stuff, but I haven't really done anything major with it. I'll clarify that I have a lot to learn about it, and don't have a whole lot. I'm basically just introduced.

I'm not a bad photographer, though, and that's very useful.

My friend Shannon signed with yearbook, too. I think that we might be the only juniors on yearbook, which might result in an editing position next year, if only just based on seniority. ::crosses fingers::

First day of school wasn't so bad as I'd expected. I have more classes with agreeable people this year. The uniforms aren't horrendous, either, really.

Fin and I have agreed to hang out on Saturday. I'm excited because we haven't actually seen each other since Sewanee, even though we live close.

I have pages and pages of homework to do, so I think I'll get to that now. Oh, but my head hurts.

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School is starting Monday, and today was registration. I hate registration with a passion. Webb does it in stations, with each station in a different classroom. There are long lines to each station crowded in a hot building between other sweaty kids and their parents. Afterward, there is a barbeque outside in the 100 degree humid heat.

I did meet up with Brent briefly, though. Fiery red hair, that kid has. We talked about schedules, and free periods, why we have to get our pictures taken for the directory, etc.

I also talked to Dr. Hood, my English teacher from last year. She was ecstatic to see me. I told her more about Sewanee, and my current writing projects. She recommended colleges to me, told me about some contests I should enter. I might. She's very commanding and authoritative, but I don't mind. She knows her stuff about writing. Most kids don't like her that much, and I admit, she's not my favorite person in the universe, either. She is a good teacher, though. I'm going to miss her this year.

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::clears throat::

About the car bit I talked so flauntingly about, I'm sorry. I read back and realized how very annoying it was. I was just very, very excited, and had just gotten my license two days before going to Sewanee, and therefore, more excitement had piled up while I was there. And then suddenly I could let it out, and actually drive places, and talk about driving places, and be annoying about talking about driving places. But I'll shut up about it now.

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I'm in Virginia. It's very rural.

Mission Impossible is go, though the painters haven't come in yet.

And other incomprehensible mumbles.

I'm being turned loose in Blacksburg and Virginia Tech tomorrow, and I don't know what I'll do with myself. I'm excited, though. I haven't gotten a sliver of freedom since we came. I don't have a car, though, but it's a college town, so I shouldn't need one.

That's just about all that I have to say, you know? Nothing's happening.

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I'm rather sick still, but I'm getting better.

I was getting very much better, then MD and gang brought my grandma's dog back, and I suddenly regressed incredibly. I didn't do much yesterday, but I did write a rather awesome fiction vignette.

Today, we're going to...somewhere I need to hurry up and get off. Goodbye!
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